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L3 Reserve

Permissioned. Safe. Fast. Scalable.
Permissioned. Safe. Fast. Scalable.
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Lif3 Ecosystem

Explore the Lif3 dApp ecosystem.

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Getting started with Lif3 Chain.

Delegate LIF3

Delegate your LIF3 tokens to help secure the network and earn.

Stake & Earn


Shine brighter amongst the competition as a verified and trusted developer. Users will instill confidence in your dApps from day one and you will be part of an exclusive group entrusted with the capabilities of deploying contracts on Lif3 Chain.



Every network needs security and Lif3 Chain uses validators to secure theirs. Take security into your own hands and become part of the solution by operating your own Validator and get rewarded in the process.

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Be it DeFi, the Arts, Gaming, NFTs, Tools or Infrastructure - Lif3 Chain is committed to bringing world class developers together under one house and creating a user experience unrivaled in its focus on security and legitimacy.


Layer 2 as a Service

Bring your dApp to Lif3 with your own Layer 2 on top of Lif3 Chain.
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Safety & Security

Put all your safety concerns aside as you operate on your own Layer 2 and offload your transactional data to Lif3 Chain through smart contracts. Lif3 Chain handles the security of its mainnet as well as all Layer 2's with a network of validator nodes.


Enjoy the speed of your own blazing fast Layer 2 without competing for blocks on the mainnet.


Lif3 Chain offers Layer 2 as a Service so that scalability on Lif3 Chain will never be an issue.


Our Partners

Amplifying the Lif3 Ecosystem through Strategic Partnerships.

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